Hellooooo ladies and gents! You may remember me from Persepolis and you’re probably thinking here we go again. Well, I’m here to say that here lately I’ve gained the opportunity to write a poem and share it with the community. I could have chosen anywhere, but guess what?! I chose Paris Bourbon County Library. Now I’m calling on you, Paris Bourbon County Library, to pay attention. Aren’t you excited? I know I am!

The poem “Peace of Mind” by Jamie Cowan should be displayed at the Paris Library because its structure and word choice remind the members of our community that their pain that goes unrecognized won’t last forever and they will find peace of mind.

First I would like to talk about the poem and what it means. The poem is titled, “Peace of Mind” and the author happens to be me. It starts out talking about the hidden struggles that you face daily that no one knows about. You feel as if your drowning underwater and lose motivation thinking you’re going to be stuck in the darkness forever. When all of a sudden you discover joy and everything starts to fall in place. You began to feel alive again and gain peace of mind. The peace allows you to keep that calmness in your heart no matter the chaos around you.

Be the peace in your own life

You may ask how the structure adds meaning to the poem…

I used 4 stanzas and a rhyming scheme. The rhyming scheme helps the poem sound better and allows the reader to remember it. I also used enjambment which allows the poem to flow better.

The structure of the poem helped develop an eye-catcher because a lot of people go through hard times that no one is aware of and they could start reading the poem thinking it is relating to them, but little did they know, the structure switched over to a positive note that could brighten their day and provide a sense of hope. In the poem, these two lines… “To the point, you start to feel unknowing, But then you discover a safe place” is the perfect example of the transition between the first two stanzas and the last two. As you could tell, it went from somewhat dispiriting to optimism.

You will get there

Now onto word choice!!

The word choice has a powerful meaning to the poem and helps understand the overall theme. The words in the first two stanzas such as, “shut down”, “loneliness”, “Hidden”, and “Chaos” show a point where you feel unknown and as if you’re all alone due to all the hardships you’re dealing with. You may even have changed and no one seems to notice. The words in the last two stanzas such as, “Safe place”, “Found”, “Refind”, and “Peace of mind” show a point where you overcame all your trials by finding your inner peace through yourself. It proves the fact that it will not be rough forever and you will get through it. The words in the first two stanzas had more of a negative impact and connotation while the last two stanzas transitioned over into a positive impact and connotation.

But you will find yourself! It will get better! You’re doing great!

Considering all that I have said thus far, you may rebuttal that you can’t allow my poem at the Paris Bourbon County Library due to the fact that it provides a false claim because not everyone can get through their dark times alone. They may even get discouraged because they’re not there yet or feel as if it’s too good to be true. Nevertheless, I have something to make you change your mind. Even if some people feel they can’t get through their hardships, this poem dispenses a sense of hope that one day they will. In addition to being a type of motivation. People could read the poem and it could encourage them to strive to find that happiness and get out of that darkness. A lot of people in our little town are going through a lot and it could really turn on a lightbulb in their minds to find themselves within and get to that point where they have peace of mind. Nevertheless, people tend to go to the library to read and do research anyway, so what harm will a poem do. I’m just saying, this poem could give someone the hope and reassurance they need.

Now it’s up to you to make the decision to allow my poem in the Paris Bourbon County Library or not… I hope you pick the choice I would…

P.S. I would say yes!!!